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Tarnish Prevention Tips

Tarnish Prevention Tips

Learn how to keep your metal in the best condition..
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Greatest short cut to metal polishing I’ve ever found

“Greatest short cut to metal polishing I’ve ever found”

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Mr. Metal Polish

Safe to use on silver, brass, copper and more.
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Mr. Metal Polish for Brass, Copper, Silver and More

Mr. Metal safely shines all metal objects from the finest sterling silver to the dullest auto wheels and marine hardware. Mr. Metal cleans, shines and protects – Sterling Silver, Silver plate, Aluminum, Brass, Chrome, Platinum, Copper, Gold, Stainless Steel, Pewter and more. Our advanced formula contains no abrasives and quickly and easily dissolves tarnish without hard rubbing or buffing. Mr. Metal’s one-of-a-kind Tarnish Guard protection leaves a protective coating that prevents tarnish and dulling in the future.